Thursday, October 05, 2006

Even Less Funds, Even More Chances


Ok, so here we are, another Thursday, some more reviews.
First things first, the Comic Of The Week as decided up by myself and Arran The Man shall be getting a double dose review tomoro. Not only is it comic of the week but its a contender for comic of the year.

Anyway, Onto the reviews:
Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 (of 5) : Like Brian K Vaughan doesnt make me change my trousers every so often? This comic, quite simply, is amazing. I think i may just write this review, and copy and paste it every time BKV releases a comic. So yea, Any other writer, and I would ahve said 'Dr Strange? na...' and sved myself two pounds, but BKV makes me spend money like nobodies business. This comic contains a great story, some whitty dialogue, some decent art, although its no Harris, Adolpha or Pia. (not to mention iron fist and the night nurse). There. from now on any BKV title, just read this review.

This book? It ought to be bought thats fo' sho.

Fantastic Four 540: Theres just one thing I think about this book: was it worth my cash? and the answer, quite simply, is no. The bulk of the book is mainly con-ver-say-shun between reed and sue, and yes, thats important (damn shes fine), but i mean, i felt like i'd had my pants pulled down because I've already read Civil War #4. It was a bit silly, i knew what was happening, but it is essential. It also doesnt fit in the same with CW properly (Reed tells her to leave in this, she leaves him a note and sneaks off in CW). And then the end? it was the same as last week's Spidey. So why did I buy it? I'm a sucker thats why. But still, if you don't get ASM, it's worth a read i suppose.

This book? Definately read it in the shop

Amazing Spiderman 535: last week's i know. Ron Garney does a terrific job of capturing the moods in the faces. I think thats the best part about this book. But I really enjoyed this. JMS's Spidey is a lot better than his FF. So Peter's doubts are growing, and rightly so. We have Stark and Parker travelling to the Negative Zone to do a bit of prison visiting, and Pete's disgusted, and I love the way JMS writes it. Peter, being the human that he is, argues thats its unethical to keep people locked up for not signing something,and then IM gets in parkers face. Peter doesn't budge, and Oh how i love that! "Take off the helmet. And tell me that again when I can see your face" Now thats good fucking dialogue! Fuck you Millar, Pay attention! *note,it is at this point i realise my top staple is detached. Shit* So then we're back in the real world, and Reed (my fave FF member), tells a story that solidifies My Man Peter back on the right side. The panel when Tony is flying off, and Peter is looking at him is priceless to me, its a basic "you wanker" panel, and it's right there i know i'm buying Civil War 5.

This book? Loved it. two copies. But give me one, mines in a bit of a state.

Another of Last Weeks Books:
Ultimates 2, #12: Ok. Millar's good series, right? Right. Firstly, any comic with Cap loooking hard as fuck on the cover is a Must anyway. Then we get into it and we have a hoooge splash page of Hulk smashing something up. But what is it? I can't remember, Ultimates 11 was released back in 1987, so i'll ahve to dig up teh back issue to remember it. Hawkeye? Still the man, gets his ass handed to him by.. abdul and his lightsabre? ok... Few more pages of pretty things and we have the best scene of Ultimates 2: Quicksilver (the fag), going "speed force" on...someone? it's cool, and Hawkeye's retort "Stop messing around and give me a hand here". Quicksilvers 2*2 inch panel of sweat and you-must-be-kidding-me facial expression is the best part of the book. Feew more pages, more crappy dialogue, more pretty pictures. Advert for heroes. Want to see that. Few more pages, more crappy dialogue, more pretty pictures. Oh..did i just alredy that? Hulk punches Aboniations head off, which is sweet. But spoiled by the..erm.. crappy dialogue. personally, i woulda said NOTHING because, well, i never want to see the Hulk talk. ever. Hawkeye has some good dialogue(shocked?me too!), "how's thier numbers?" "thinning out". he's cooler than legolas. Cap kills a guy. Another splash page. Another beatuiful panel spoiled by an "oh no". i mean was there any point in that? Textbook stuff really. I don't see the huge fuss.
And another Millar comic ending with a Thor Return Cliffhanger.

Reckon he's a clone too?

This book? Great cover, goes downhill tho. It's worth a copy for the art. Boy its pretty. And who the fuck is Abdul? cliche much?

Irredemable Ant Man. I picked it up, because, i'm silly, and I liked Kirkman's Marvel Zombies. But to me, this book had too much dialogue, and on the train I stopped reading half way through and I dont know if i'll get back to it.

This book? I'm sure some of you will love it, it just.. i don't know. i'll try again when im less tired. (less tired? its 2pm and im awake as a pineapple)

My Risk Book of the week (I havent read American Splendor yet tho) is
The Other Side: I'm very conflicted about this book. Yes I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed it because it is basically Full Metal Jacket as a comic. Seriously. The writer knows this too. As he's pretty much dedicated the book to it...

So yea, Some good parts... from teh film and everything. Thats about it really. Will i buy the next issue? It's doubtful. But maybe. It wasnt a bad book, it was just a Carbon Copy of an amazing film.

I'm beginning to love Vertigo though, so who knows. I'll peruse before deciding.

This book? Hmmm, I mean, read it in the shop, and if you havent seen FMJ, buy it.


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